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“Camp Virtue”

Do you have little girls like I do? Ever wish there was a camp for young girls that would focus on biblically based character qualities, while pointing them to God’s Word in a fun and active environment? I sure do! … Continue reading

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“Ten Commandments” for Little Ones

Some days, I am shocked by the words that come out of my mouth. With four little girls, life is anything but dull and boring. I thought I’d share just 10 of the crazy things that I’ve said in the … Continue reading

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The richest woman in the world

It’s been quite a week of sick children around our house! For three consecutive nights this past week, after being tucked into their beds, one of my girls woke up with a terribly sick stomach and the mounds of laundry … Continue reading

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The Little Seed

I wrote this story for my children several months ago. I’ve read it to them dozens of times and they just love it, but then again they love me. I thought I’d share it on my blog, because while it’s … Continue reading

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As a child, did you ever hear the words “You can achieve any goal if you set your mind to it”?  I did. I had really great parents who have been my cheerleaders my entire life. Children who hear these … Continue reading

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White flag

So often when you have young children, there is this “I haven’t done enough” mentality that forces its way into all the little crevices of your brain. You know that you’ve done laundry, made a few beds and fed your … Continue reading

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Small Stuff: Day 2

This week we celebrate our oldest daughter’s seventh birthday. In the last seven years God has worked me over through the little people in my life, starting with her. After she was born, God brought another and another and still, … Continue reading

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