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End of the year field trip: New York City

After starting the school year with a trip to Europe..I mean North Carolina’s version of Europe, we thought we’d end the year with a real trip to New York City. We took just our two oldest daughters with the intent … Continue reading

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Our school year is drawing to a close here at the Lehr home. I’ll try to hit some highlights in another post for those of you wondering if you’d ever survive homeschooling your children. Some days, I wonder the same … Continue reading

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Are you listening?

When Samuel was just a little boy, his mother Hannah brought him to the Temple of God to live and work with Eli, the priest. It was a tearful promise she had given the Lord in her barrenness, but she … Continue reading

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You’ve Gotta Fight For It!

My morning started off like a sprint when one child greeted me with homework questions before I had my morning coffee. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy talking, let alone answering questions before at least a few … Continue reading

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Educational Food

This past week, our Geography in Classical Conversations covered 5 European cities: Paris, Orleans, Rome, Barcelona and London. I thought I’d help my girls to “experience” the culture of these cities like their Daddy and I do when we go … Continue reading

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Our “European” Adventure

I love Europe! When I graduated from High School, the Christian school I attended took us on a 15 day trip to Europe. It was amazing!! And that’s where my love affair began. My husband and I have visited a … Continue reading

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