My Heart


If you’d like to read my own favorite blogs; the ones I’ve written that really share my heart, they are listed below. Among these blogs, you’ll be challenged to know the God who has changed my life, hear my own personal story of His miraculous grace, and be encouraged in your walk with Jesus Christ. Let’s flourish together!

She’s not always going to ask: The most traveled and most read blog of 2014 on “Flourish”.

HIV Healing: Our personal miracle!

A Little Understanding: 5 things you should know about your pastor: This was by far the most traveled and most read blog of 2013 on “Flourish”.

Monday’s Life Change: This series ran from June through September 2013. Throughout this series you’ll find stories of many friends who have struggled, but met the Lord in amazing ways! You’ll find topics like abortion, second chances, death of a child, homelessness, adoption, foster care, human trafficking, and cancer.

Enjoy the Drive: Could you use some encouragement to enjoy motherhood today?

I just wanted you to know:


Take a side: This one struck a chord with so many readers. It may not be easy, but a choice has to be made.

His biggest fan: Who is your husband’s?

The Cheating Wife:

The Dark Side: Do you know what’s happening in our cities?

A little about homeschooling:

Life on the front row:

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