20-minutes to a More Peaceful Home

As a Mom, there are days that I’m overwhelmed by the simple things in life, like piles of laundry and what’s for dinner?? And don’t let me forget about the drawers that are overflowing, caused by a lack of switching out “seasons”. I’m pretty sure we’d call these #firstworldproblems, but the true fact is, it’s the little things that keep us feeling behind. I tell myself that I’ll get to that “in a minute”, but then the minute never comes, because I’m too busy scrubbing marker off my 2-year-old or chasing the dog, who got loose again! So, the cycle continues, unless I do something to change it. Here is what I’m doing now:

I’m becoming a self-proclaimed 20-minute organizer, because I almost never have hours to clean or organize, but I might be able to steal 20 minutes out of my day. With a busy family, you take what you can get!

These are a few things I can tackle in about 20 minutes. Set a timer and get after it!!

Ready, set, go!

1.     Change one child’s clothes to the correct season. Leave just a few of the favorites that might still be worn during the change of season. Bag up the old clothes and label them with “boy/girl” and the sizes you’ve included in the bag. You might be able to use them next year on one of your other children. If not, they are ready to be handed to a mother who needs them or sold in a garage sale. Boom! 20 minutes.

2.     Box up shoes! Oh, the shoes in this house!! Do you know that little girls have about the same number of shoes as their mothers??!!  And they grow out of them about every 6 months? Again, label the sizes and put them in the attic or a closet out-of-the-way. Don’t forget your big black permanent marker for labeling!

3.     Clean out the sock and underwear drawer. Do your children’s drawers look like mine? Socks and tights literally hang out of them??! It drives me nuts, but since I have asked them to start putting their clothes away, I guess I can’t complain too much. I have begun to organize by using little baskets in their closet since our drawers are now jammed and broken, caused by years of children hanging on them…nice. So we improvise! It’s what it’s all about. One basket gets underwear. One basket gets swimsuits and gymnastics leotards, and one larger basket gets tights and socks. Cami’s and scarves can have a drawer all their own or if it’s broken, find a basket for them too! Teach them how to keep these baskets organized. Your life will be better for it!

4.     Grab your steamer or broom and sweep the main living areas of your house in 20 minutes. Don’t be frustrated by the constant dirty floor. I’ve learned that when the floors are clean, it makes everything else feel a little cleaner as well. It just might help your family to feel more peaceful as they go about their day.

5.     Would you believe that all of the toilets in your home could be cleaned in less than 20 minutes?! It’s true. We have 4 and if I run quickly to each one, they can all be sparkly clean in less than 20 minutes.

6.     The infamous laundry pile can also be folded in 20 minutes. That is if you haven’t waited all week to do it. J  I don’t know anyone who actually likes folding laundry, but the truth is, it isn’t going away. I’m just thankful that I have a washer and dryer that do the actual job for me. How far we’ve come from our grandparents!!

7.     Prep dinner. As in, think about what you’re going to make…chop, dice, and defrost or whatever the need may be. Making healthy meals for your family really does take consideration, but it’s worth it! Set out some sort of snack (carrots, apple slices or cheese) that they can eat while you make the meal. Dinner hour is often the hardest time of the day in our home. Everyone’s hungry, tired and all up in my space  in the kitchen. If you have a plan, you’ll be much less likely to strangle someone before sitting down to a family meal. (I’m kidding!)

I hope you’ll find 20 minutes today that will help you flourish in your home! If God has blessed you with people to care for, you will be wise to choose joy in serving them.

If you have other simple ideas, I’d love to hear from you. I’m always looking for quick ways to better manage my home.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your heart!  Colossians 3:15

About shannalehr

My name is Shanna Lehr. I'm blessed to be the wife of Scott Lehr and mother to Ella, Ava, Janie and Gracie Belle. I love to cook, travel, run, and spend time with my family. My life has been changed by Jesus and I love to share him with others. Stop back often and join the conversation by leaving a comment. I love to hear from you! You can connect with me on Twitter: @ShannaLehr
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4 Responses to 20-minutes to a More Peaceful Home

  1. Pam Lenhart says:

    YES! I love this! Little things make a difference. And 20 minutes is doable. It just takes being intentional and planning your day instead of letting it run over you.

  2. Love this Shanna. Check out my website at http://www.conquertheclutter.net for some ideas as well as my Conquer The Clutter Facebook page. Oh, I also have a Pinterest board (entitled Conquer The Clutter) that has a bazillion ideas…

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