Pancakes anyone?

I love a good pancake on a slow-moving morning. My husband is a pastor and so our weekends tend to be busy, but he takes Friday’s off.  We call that day “Family Fun Day”, something we started when our children were really little.

Often, on a Friday morning you’ll find me sipping my coffee while making pancakes. I found these pancakes on some time ago and have made a few modifications to make them “ask for seconds and thirds” good. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as our family does. Original recipe here:


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

3 1/2 tsp baking powder (seems like a lot, but you’ll love the rise it gives these pancakes)

1/2 tsp salt

1 Tbsp white sugar

1/2 tsp lemon zest

1 1/4 cup milk

1 egg

3 Tbsp melted butter

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

**Add 3/4 cup blueberries to make the best blueberry pancakes ever!!


  1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt, sugar and lemon zest. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg, melted butter and vanilla bean paste; mix until smooth.
  2. Heat a lightly buttered griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.

And now, I’m going to go “Pioneer Woman” on you with pictures:

20130906_085535See all the flecks of vanilla bean? Yumm!! That’s something you don’t get from using traditional vanilla.

20130906_085755Plain. Just the way my husband likes them.

Now for the good stuff!

20130906_090917Blueberry pancakes, my absolute favorite! In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Whenever I’ve been in the hospital having one of my sweet girls, I order a plate of blueberry pancakes EVERY morning for breakfast….all  4 mornings in the hospital. No lie. It’s the perfect comfort food for a tired Mama!!

And now, in case you didn’t believe that these really are the best pancakes ever, ask yourself if this little face would lie??

20130906_091506Enjoy your day. Love your family well. Eat good pancakes.

Love, Shanna

About shannalehr

My name is Shanna Lehr. I'm blessed to be the wife of Scott Lehr and mother to Ella, Ava, Janie and Gracie Belle. I love to cook, travel, run, and spend time with my family. My life has been changed by Jesus and I love to share him with others. Stop back often and join the conversation by leaving a comment. I love to hear from you! You can connect with me on Twitter: @ShannaLehr
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6 Responses to Pancakes anyone?

  1. Too funny, such a cute little face! I think I’ve used that exact same recipe. You KNOW I tried to whole wheat them though. They didn’t ask for the 2nds. 🙂 Definitely tastes better with white flour, but I struggle with feeling like white flour is of the devil. haha Good thing tomorrow is Saturday, and that’s our pancake day–ALWAYS with blueberries!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    They do look great and I have taken to making pancakes from scratch lately, adding a tsp of vanilla..but the vanilla bean paste looks like a great idea. I’ll have to find some on my next shopping trip. Stephanie

  3. Pam says:

    Delish! Love the vanilla bean paste from Williams-Sonoma! That sweet little face KNOWS!

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