Monday’s Life Change: the baby mirror

babymirrorNo matter how tired you are, no matter what your health or marriage concerns, no matter what your children are doing or what God is stirring in your heart, Monday always comes. I often greet Monday by rolling over and saying, “here we go again” and “where’s the coffee??” We can choose to live it in victory or in defeat and we’ve probably all experienced both. God slowly transforms us in the mundane-in the Mondays– that show up every week without fail. He changes our hearts not always instantaneously, but over time as we seek Him. It’s usually later that we can look back and see that our change of heart started on that tired, run down day. May we all “Flourish” as we kick off the week by celebrating God’s story in our lives.

Here’s a little of mine….

For seven and a half years, our family vehicle has had a small mirror attached to the front of one of the seats in my car. That seat in the car always belonged to the chubby faced baby of the house, whose car-seat was turned rear-facing and looking directly into the mirror.

The other day, after turning our last little baby’s seat around in the car, my husband walked in with the mirror in hand. He said, “Look at this! Can you believe it? This season is done.” I could have wept. I could tell that he was having a moment of nostalgia as he remembered those years and all that this silly mirror represented to us.

It’s been a season of pacifiers, bottles and changing countless dirty diapers. My arms, while holding a precious little baby would always shoulder a diaper bag and any number of items that our baby would need to make life more comfortable-Cheerios, sippy-cups, pacifiers, extra clothes – you name it, it’s in the bag!  We didn’t go anywhere without a single stroller and later, a double stroller when more little girls joined our family.

We sang countless songs while looking back into the mirror at a crying baby who would not be consoled. Our joyful songs almost never worked and she would just cry louder to let us know how badly she wanted out of the seat.

This season has meant a lot of sleepless nights and feedings that seemed to come one right after another in the early days of the baby’s life. It has meant that I’ve been tired to the point of tears at times and begged the sun to come up on more than a few occasions.

Little shoes, tiny toes, and chubby hands have filled my days. Kissable cheeks, loads of curly baby hair, and beautiful round eyes have been my landscape.

This season has meant body changes that were a huge shock and hormonal flares that are simply laughable. In fact, if I didn’t learn to laugh at myself, I would think I had become crazy. And I’ve never known such desperate feelings of not knowing what to do. In an otherwise confident girl, these babies have brought out a sense of real humility. “Would I ever be the girl I used to know?” I used to ask myself. I can answer that for you pretty easily now. No, I will not. I have deeply changed.

See, I’ve grown right along with my babies, though not in length like them, forcing them into a bigger car-seat, but in-depth as God has drawn my heart in such great dependence on Him.  I’ve been forced to ask Him for guidance and direction with frequent desperate pleas. I’ve been drawn to His Word and found nuggets of gold there that fuel my long days. My heart has been set on Him as I’ve realized how ill-equipped I am and how much I need Him. I’ve found that when I call, He is always there waiting to guide and lovingly direct me. This is a relationship I cannot live without.

I looked into that mirror again and remembered such special times. As we move into the next phases of life, we’ll continue many of the same things we’ve always done, but instead of looking back into a mirror, we’ll just look forward.

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My name is Shanna Lehr. I'm blessed to be the wife of Scott Lehr and mother to Ella, Ava, Janie and Gracie Belle. I love to cook, travel, run, and spend time with my family. My life has been changed by Jesus and I love to share him with others. Stop back often and join the conversation by leaving a comment. I love to hear from you! You can connect with me on Twitter: @ShannaLehr
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2 Responses to Monday’s Life Change: the baby mirror

  1. Tricia Deary says:

    I am reading this as my husband is taking my girls to camp for the morning. Seems like a good thing, however, it is my 4 year old’s first “big-girl day camp”. We signed her up to prepare her for school that will begin in a few short weeks. I looked at her sweet, sleeping face this morning, second-guessing if I should send her, but realizing she is growing up and I must let her. Also realizing, it is not my place to protect her, but the Lord’s. I, too, have grown…in my complete dependence on Him, to guide me on letting go of what I thought was mine, but really His all along!

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